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Object Name Urn, Tea
Description Largish silver plated tea urn with three additional small items. The silver plated tea urn has two ornate handles on either side and a long protruding tap on front. The tea urn is on four stout finely patterned legs (to resemble a tree trunk?)which curve outwards at the base . Just up from the base there is one branch which comes off each leg to join with a center ring (possibly to hold a heating mechanism eg candle or something else).

Near the top of the legs, the legs branch out into three which then join onto the main urn body. Above where they attach is a raised leaf. At the front between the front two legs join, there is a ornate wood pattern raised with a hole in the center where there is a longish brass tap with two small and round bone/ceramic handles on either side This part has a screw top to allow replacement if necessary. Around this screw cover is written "HAYDEN'S PATENT, JAN'Y, 20?, 1889".

Just above the tap around the widest circumference of the urn is a raised rippled pattern about 1 cm wide and above this is several floral leaf designs. Above the tap is engraved writing which says "Canterbury Agricultural & Pastoral Association, Presidents prize, Best four in hand, Awarded to John. S. Rutherford ESQ, 1890" around these words is several floral leaf patterns. The top is flat silver plated which flares out to create a wide rim at the front and back. This rim has a "W" shape cut into it.

The handles on either side are intricately patterned to again resemble wood or bark. The base of the handles is affixed to the urn by two leaves on each side and the stump end resting on a rock. They curve high and relatively widely upwards then down again to which they join a wood patterned upright which raise above the join to look like a stump. Off this there is four branches of various thickness which affix it to the urn body. The top of handle has a leaf pattern for your thumb.

Underneath the tea urn is written "MFD&Plated by, Reed & Barton, 2730, 12, Patent Applied For".

There is Three additional parts with this.
Attachment 1: Round silver domed shaped lid with ornate top looks like a branch with 2 acorns and 2 oak leaves design.
Attachment 2: Small round squat silver meths burner with upright brass protrusion to hold wick. This brass upright unscrews to allow filling of burner of more meths. There is an ornate small handle on one side to allow ease of carrying. This is placed on the underside in the middle of the urn.
Attachment 3: small tin cuplike scoop with wire handle the cup itself is like a half ball made of tin, length 9.5cm, height 1.5cm, width 4 cm
Attachment 4: Circular piece of wire welded into a single piece with another piece going through the diameter. Wire is soft, diameter 9cm
Attachment 5: Oval wire loop (strong wire) with a hoop section at one end. Attached to this is a long piece of cloth possibly a filter bag?. Width 6.5cm, width 4.5cm, length 10.5 with filter cloth hanging down.

Date 1890
Catalogue Number 976/51.1
Dimensions H-38 W-26 L-28 Dia-19 cm
Search Terms Agricultural & Pastoral Assn, Canterbury
People Rutherford, John Scott, 1845-1924